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Strategic Planning

…is fundamental to everything you’ve set out to do.

Yes, we know it’s easier said than done. But trust us when we say “we’ve (REALLY) seen it all” – and the strategy we deliver will emerge from your company’s values and culture, and reflect an in-depth understanding of your audience’s needs and perceptions.

Sometimes, it takes more time to develop a powerful central strategic idea that’s easy to talk about on all levels of your company. However, that’s only because we don’t use a “one size fits all” approach – there’s no magical toolbox. Just a touch of creativity combined with the right insights.

But no worries – the delivered strategy will deflect competition and sell your product or service. And that’s what we’re all really here for. Ka-ching!

If you want to know more how we think about strategy, read this blog!


Organizational Design

Sometimes, you’ll decide to develop your own internal digital team. And we’re completely fine with that – so fine, actually, that we’ll help you succeed in the process, all without disrupting your day-to-day business. As we like to say – we won’t just give you the fish. We’ll teach you how to fish, and where.

How will we do it? We’ll take you on a structured journey, following a detailed set of steps ranging from creating a vision for the digital transformation of your new or existing team, designing the team structure and required capabilities, coaching your senior executives in digital marketing and innovation, and sourcing the perfect people for the job. In a nutshell.

We’re here to help you avoid all those early dabbling mistakes that might happen if you go into the process alone. And we’re not thinking about how your team will function today, we’re designing your team for tomorrow’s challenges. Because collaboration is in our DNA, we can work with you either in our office space or yours.

Go bold and go with the team that has a proven track record of hiring, skill-transferring and getting the most out of your own team.

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Content & Distribution

You’ve probably heard the old adage about the 6-second attention span. Well, it’s fake.

The reason the audience “has” a 6-second attention span is because brands are not providing them value. They are not excited about the stories being told, or about the visual design that might accompany those stories.

We’re here to turn things around. Define every touchpoint leading to the brand experience. Unify the message. Develop content and stories that truly embody a brand’s voice. Polish and cut every single sentence as if we were a jeweller, until a distinctive voice is created and the desired perception produced.

This is how we cut through the clutter. Excite the audience. Engage the customers. And ultimately, build communities that want to buy – only from you.

If you want to know more how we make content do the heavy lifting, read this blog!


Social Media & Community

It’s no longer an option – it’s mandatory. The sheer volume of information being shared on social has led to a big shift in how consumers interact with brands. But we often forget that “consumers” are people, just like you, like us.

They love to follow, read and interact with brands they share similar values with. People want to belong to authentic communities and engage in meaningful dialogues, not only with the brand but with other members too. A series of positive experiences combined with an emotional connection increases the likelihood of purchase, builds brand equity and lifelong customer relationships.

From our experience, the best way to approach social media is to create – tribes. Tribes develop around a brand that excites, engages and makes people feel seen and understood. This requires bravery. A different way of thinking. Persistence. And the authentic, intentional use of social media, because by talking to everyone, you’re selling to no-one.

Where can I build my tribe, you wonder? We are here to help you figure out where your brand belongs, create context and emotional engagement. Read our thoughts on this subject and drop us a line.


Influencer Relationship Management

“Influencer marketing”… is a phrase that doesn’t reflect the reality of the ecosystem and the business of influence. Intrinsically connected with social media, influencer marketing has created a fundamental shift in which some brands are still learning to swim. And we’re here to give you the floaties.

Influence is not something that comes only from celebrities and Instagram stars with a large number of followers, it also comes from micro-storytellers, creators, people who offer – authenticity, relevance and trust.

While you’re getting excited about that up-and-coming lifestyle influencer you noticed on Instagram, we’re thinking about how she matches your brand’s values, the landscape of your strategic activities, and how you can capitalize on her numbers. We guide you through the process of proactive strategic planning, influencer selection, message development, distribution and – so often forgotten, alas – analytics! You should be getting something in return.

So you see, influencer relationship management isn’t just about the pretty face – it’s really about the compatibility and the match. You probably wouldn’t go on a blind date without googling the hell out of the person, so don’t “go in blind” with influencers.

If you want to know more about the homework you need to do before committing yourself to influencer relationship management, read this blog!


Advertising & Analytics

Once upon a time, brands were able to reach their audience without spending a lot of money on paid digital media. Those days are over, but developing an on-the-spot strategy, producing amazing creative, having strong communities and leading insightful conversations remain factors of paramount importance.

But only if you pay-to-play, because let’s be real – you can’t get something for nothing through so-called “owned” media. Unless you adopt that attitude, everything we’ve developed together will be virtually invisible.

Digital (especially social) remains a critical channel for almost any brand because of its superior targeting capabilities. Our approach focuses on producing full-funnel stories that can be easily integrated with traditional and digital channels.

And by going beyond the obsolete reach and frequency model, we move your audiences through the stages of awareness, consideration, conversion and evangelism. This approach leads to effective campaigns that drive powerful results.

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