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While working for the NYX Professional Makeup brand, our goal was not only to outsell the competitors but to create a special bond with consumers and the brand. The makeup community is of great importance when it comes to expressing one's true self, and we aimed to help peoples express themselves through makeup.


The makeup industry has been growing rapidly and expanding its public. In the sea of makeup brands, NYX Professional Makeup is a pro-level makeup brand accessible to everyone. It stands by the claims that makeup is for all and self-expression needs to be – unfiltered.

NYX Professional Makeup brand talks to its tribe called – Makeup Junkies – who are in love with makeup, self-expression and are highly individualistic. The brand loves connecting to real people and – on a higher level.

NYX Professional Makeup looks


  • Create makeup oriented community that accepts everyone who wants to express individuality by using NYX Professional Makeup
  • Develop a feeling of acceptance and family among your tribe while using makeup to create fun and creative looks that will inspire others
  • Educate the audience about new products through makeup tutorials and stories that will move other makeup junkies to purchase
  • Encourage makeup junkies to express themselves using NYX Professional Makeup products and to create unique content for the brand

NYX Professional Makeup products

Process & Strategy

Working in the beauty industry is challenging. There are numerous brands fighting for the similar audience, their likes, clicks but most of all – purchases. NYX Professional Makeup wanted to stand out and give users the sense of “makeup family”, a place and a tribe where everyone is welcome, and where you feel like a part of tight-knight community. Using user-generated content and content materials from the global team, we gave makeup junkies the possibility of collaborating with the brand while creating unique materials for our social media networks.

Our approach was pretty straightforward and common sense – we would pick the most quality content while staying relevant to brand goals. As Instagram developed, giving users plenty of content-creating possibilities, we used the makeup junkies network we’ve built to launch new make-up kits successfully. In order for our tribe to get a first-hand review experience, we regularly sent PR packages for trial and to spread awareness of the new product.

NYX Professional Makeup Instagram

Creative solutions

While working for the NYX Professional Makeup brand, our goal was not only to outsell the competitors but to create a special bond with consumers and the brand. The makeup community is of great importance when it comes to expressing one’s true self, and we aimed to help peoples express themselves through makeup. By creating a feeling of comfort, of understanding and of acceptance, we managed to form a bond with users.

Each launch was special in helping others to achieve their full potential as makeup artists or makeup junkies. No shame, no judgment. Everyone is welcome on the NYX Professional Makeup page.

We had daily checkups of different makeup artists, global and local so that we could have fresh and shareable content. We investigated the makeup community and social networks to find all suitable ways of creating content. We needed to discover what moves users and what they find relevant and attractive.

NYX Professional Makeup loyalty

We developed a copywriting style that best suits the brand and users that follow us in those findings. Funny, creative, carefree, and educational are the main characteristics of NYX Professional Makeup brand communication. To keep this type of communication, we needed to stay relevant to the culture.

While creating fun and educational content, we added story sets to the table. Equally to the content, story sets contained all-new pieces of information regarding launches, activities, and products. Story sets were made differently than the content on the feed. We kept them more alive, taking pictures and videos of products at the moment. We also used additional help story gadgets to level up engagement. We shared and reposted makeup swatches and reviews to connect to the audience and encourage them to share their stories with us.

NYX Professional Makeup Instagram stories


Whether it’s about a new collection or sale, activations are crucial in informing users about the brand and its actions. While doing so, we were very careful about what kind of material, text, or visual we put on display. Each activation is different, but they all required feed post and story blocks.

Visually we kept it simple. Very little text that popped out and plain background to go with brand image. Later we would add elements to spice up the visual using brand guidelines. Feed post is always had answers to all important questions regarding the mechanism of activation and duration. The copy was always left to contain more details but kept as short as possible and as fun as possible.

NYX Professional Makeup artists

Story sets are where the fun starts. The first set is always educational, but after that, we begin to remind users about activation in a fun and carefree way. Makeup looks of makeup artists are always involved, as well as all additional gadgets Instagram story has. These gadgets help to engage users and raise awareness of activation. They are also instrumental when a brand wants to get to know its users and their preference.

But all mentioned above is when we have “business as usual “activities. We were lucky and privileged enough to create and produce several unique activations we hold dear to this day. First, of them being Face Awards, a global creative makeup transformation competition, we needed to communicate to local makeup artists and drive applications in Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria.

For four years, we were the bond between the brand and true makeup artists with a front-row view of their creativity and artistry. Copies, videos, stories, letters, web, event online, and offline events covered it all. But the best part was always the people behind the art. We bonded them to the brand, giving them a platform to showcase what they do to local markets of Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria, and the whole world.

NYX Professional Makeup campaign

We also have to mention the NYX Professional Makeup store opening in Zagreb center in Ilica. Not because it was something new to us, covering other brand store opening activities in the past, but because we got a chance to invest our creativity and create a whole concept of digital communication. Before, NYX Professional Makeup is all about family and art, friends with whom you share something so important. And we wanted everyone to join in, come and support the new store, show brand love, and give them something in return.

Or in a shorter version – to get all of the factors in-line. In-line? Yes! Let’s all get our friends in the line and share a moment waiting for the grand opening of our favorite brand store because we share the love. And we did, with a line of people exceeding every expectation. It feels good to feel loved.

NYX Professional Makeup lip gloss


Building a community with influencers is always important, especially when it comes to makeup, because of unique creative content. The possibilities of that type of content are endless. That’s why we worked hard on building a close relationship with our makeup artists and makeup junkies. This bond delivered awesome content created for each country as we used different influencers for each country.

We would send PR packages to chosen influencers containing little educational cards about that collection, starting with each new collection. We would ask influencers to tag us if they want to share the PR package with their followers to repost it on the brand’s page. This way, we show how we create content by collaborating with makeup artists. We used PR packages to create a bond, but we were very observant of their birthdays or career progress, on which we reacted by being supportive of them.

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