A small agency is

A small agency
doesn’t use big words

A small agency
cares more

A small agency is
focused on value, not profit


Working in a creative industry means pouring a lot of your soul into your job – we build brands, create ideas, develop efficient strategies. All of this takes its toll on our family lives, health, and personal relationships. This is why we decided to build a system where the work is done at a pace that suits our sanity – because there often comes a point where more money doesn’t mean more happiness.

The system we’ve put in place is simple – we don’t do overtime and we don’t work on Fridays.
Work is still a fundamental part of our lives, but now we have abundant time to enjoy life more – to better structure our personal lives and relationships, spend time with our loved ones, and to actually fully enjoy what we do while we’re at work without fear of burning out or missing out.


A boring day in Mediacor is almost impossible – there are always business challenges to overcome, new client requests pouring in, and new creative frontiers to be pushed. With these kinds of demands, it’s almost impossible to be a know-it-all, which is why we lovingly foster a culture of experimentation.

Learning through experimentation is amazing, because using theoretical lessons and applying them hands-on, even if it’s learning about the consumer’s changing needs and the demands of our clients’ businesses, leads us to greater insights and novelty ideas. As digital marketers, we must constantly be aware of new trends, adapt to bleeding-edge technologies, and consistently learn and grow on both a personal and professional level.

We believe that the moment we stop experimenting is the moment we start dying; and digital marketers are great only when they are learning, innovating, and ultimately applying all of that to what they really love. In the end, you get to keep what you’ve learned through experimentation. For a lifetime.


Know right from wrong. Work on continuously improving your knowledge or developing new skills. Take regular care of your physical and mental health. Do good whenever you can. Work for morally and ethically responsible brands. Delight in the good fortunes and accomplishments of others. Enjoy your every day. Persevere. Grow. These responsibilities are – on you.

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