A small agency is

A small agency is

A small agency is

A small agency is

You construct your happiness as you construct a house
and you have to work on it. It is a daily job.

Pascal Bruckner

Hello! My name is Aleksandra and I’m the founder of Mediacor. If you’re interested in my business skills, you can check my LinkedIn profile. If you’re interested in what Mediacor is, read on.

How did it all start?

One sunny day, just before I turned 28, I thought to myself “maybe I could be my own boss…” and I simply bought into the idea. Without a plan, an agenda or a waiting list of clients. Coincidentally, this was the era when digital channels like Facebook, YouTube and digital marketing started to emerge, and with them a completely new set of skills that clients required.

So you see, the story of Mediacor is quite simple. There was a market need, quite a large pool to swim in, and I decided to dive in and become a part of it. We hit the ground running right from the start, bagged some pretty decent clients, and successful campaigns and budgets started rolling in. Some of my favourite digital campaigns that I’ve personally worked on were for a brewery, the financial industry, and several CSR projects. In the early days, we even got an Effie award for a campaign for Karlovac Brewery!

Why are we that “small agency”…

Somewhere along the way I was beginning to understand that modern society has a very specific idea of what success in business looks like – you start small, work as many hours as possible, commit yourself to overtime and unreasonable deadlines, and when your business starts to do well – you scale everything up. However, this traditional model – running a business focused on continuous growth – is consequently marked with endless stress, pressure to grow YoY, a high risk of mental and physical burnout, and the everyday fact that – well, you have just 24 hours in the day. For me, this was a breaking point.

I realised that I don’t want to own a digital agency with a huge number of employees, because I wouldn’t want to sit in front of a computer all day and be responsible for the ever-growing overhead, large spreadsheets, countless travel, late night dinners away from my family… all of the things that pushed me further away from why I wanted to start my own agency in the first place – to have enough freedom and to be creative.

…and why is it working for us?

I didn’t want “more”. The endless growth strategy which is the prevailing business mindset, is considered to be the epitome of “what it takes to be a success in business” – solve the problems you have by adding “more”. It’s often thought that anyone who decides to stay small hasn’t done “enough” to add – more. I did want more but – more life, more creativity (and less stress). This is when I realised that Mediacor should stay humble and stay small, because time is limited – and on my deathbed, I surely won’t be thinking “Gosh, I wish I’d spent more time in the office”.

Throughout the years, as my family grew, I focused more on making a comfortable living and moving towards better rather than bigger. Our agency’s focus remains the same – delivering a measurable value, innovative ideas and a level of service that goes beyond defined goals and KPIs.

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